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Episode 139: Bursting for a Fight

Pikmin & Olimar in the Smash Bros. Update, EVO 2013 Results, and League of Fighters are discussed. Also, The Legend of Korra: Book 2 trailer and the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover in the Soapbox segment, Zelda on Final Jeopardy is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! Our guests are SamuraiPanda and Mashumaro from Instaburst – the creators of the new free-to-play fighting game League of Fighters. Youko, Super, TonyTH, SamuraiPanda, and Mashumaro break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Easter Egg: Running Away from Keats

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Headline 1: Smash Bros. Update – Olimar
Headline 2: EVO 2013 Results
Headline 3: League of Fighters announced
Hilarity of the Weak: “Zelda” appears on Jeopardy, semantics ensue

Jailed LoL player is free on bail
New Ratchet & Clank PS3 game announced
Ryan Davis (Giant Bomb) passes away

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, NCAA Football 14, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Youko: The Legend of Korra: Book Two trailer
Tony: Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover
SamuraiPanda: Possible UMvC3 fan-centric update
Mashumaro: Chinese gaming console ban being considered
Super: Project M 2.6 impressions

Which is a better way to waste two minutes?
Fruit Ninja (Panda/Mashumaro) vs. Gran Turismo (Super/Tony)

Episode 69: All Out of Innuendo

Used Games Debate, Duke Nukem Forever, and Metroid: Other M are discussed. Also, Apple’s Announcements, Xbox Live changes, Gaming classes at college, PlayStation Move, and much more! Mailtime is also featured: who do the hosts think the best video game character is? Youko and TheBuzzSaw, along with guest Jason “M3D” Rice, break down the latest news from the gaming world! Easter Egg: Let’s Strum: Pokemon Themes

Episode 51: Show Me the Week

Gaming crimes, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Zelda’s future, and more are discussed. This episode was a combined collaborative effort with the End of the Week podcast. Youko, along with guests The Nartist and Xander, break down the latest news from the gaming world. Easter Egg: PokeRemixStudio