What is SMYN?

In the beginning (July 2007), Show Me Your News! was Smash World Forums’ weekly weekend podcasting source recapping the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The podcast was started by SWF member and current moderator, Youko. It began with just Youko at the reins, but soon after SamuraiPanda joined as the co-host to a segment called “The Roundtable.” After Brawl’s release in the US, the podcast became monthly, and panned out to become more of a general gaming podcast. Today, the podcast discusses gaming industry news and takes place every two weeks. All the segments in Show Me Your News!, both past and present, are detailed below.



The hosts quickly recap the games that they have been playing for the past couple of weeks.


The top three notable headlines from the past two weeks are discussed.


Everyone discusses the funniest story from the past two weeks. The topic may be due to its humor or how much it fails.


Recent video game releases from the past two weeks are noted.


Each of the hosts recommends a YouTube video for listeners to look up on their own time.


The Rundown

What Show Me Your News! originally was. In The Rundown, Youko would talk about the updates to the Super Smash Bros. DOJO!! Website in a scripted format. The Rundown would talk about all the updates that week, however each week there would be three updates that Youko would go into more detail about. These three updates were the updates that “made the cut”, so to speak, and were chosen based on how good the updates were overall. The Rundown ran until it was replaced completely by The Roundtable.

Introduced Episode 1 (July 8, 2007)
Discontinued as of Episode 17 (October 28, 2007)
Participants: Youko

Brawl Viewpoint

A weekly segment in which members of Smash World Forums would send in their personal opinions on a topic concerning Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Viewpoints could be sent in audio or text format. A text Viewpoint would be read by Youko. Some members had more than one Viewpoint over the course of the Podcast. Colbusman had the most (three).

Introduced Episode 1 (July 8, 2007)
Discontinued as of Episode 27 (January 6, 2008)
Participants: Youko, Blackadder, Cless_mint, Colbusman, Bli33ard, Egruntz, SamuraiPanda, Super Smash Master, Moon Monkey, Snacks, Aeronite’s Kiseki, Piffman2, Star Phoenix, Pyroloserkid, XGuardianAce, Scribble, Al Calnos, Ceraph, Kid Artist, Red Darkstar Kirby

Who’s In

A bi-weekly segment in which Smash World Forums member Sariku (then known as “Sariku.Uchiha”) would give his personal views on what characters would make it into the final cut of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. According to Youko, Sariku was given the spot in Who’s In because he made the first post in the Show Me your News! thread on SWF, and because he was the first person who asked. The segment covered popular characters such as Olimar, Megaman, and Ridley. Sariku received criticism for making his reviews based too much on personal opinion, and also received heavy criticism for his infamous “Wolf killed James McCloud.” The segment was discontinued for Season Two.

Introduced Episode 2 (July 15, 2007)
Discontinued as of Episode 13 (September 30, 2007)
Participants: Sariku

Show Yourself

A bi-weekly segment in which members of Smash World Forums would introduce themselves to the Smash World. The segment was short lived, however, as only four people (excluding Youko) were featured.

Introduced Episode 3 (July 22, 2007)
Discontinued as of Episode 12 (September 23, 2007)
Participants: Youko, Rhyme, 2nd Stamp, BHLMRO, Egruntz

Easter Eggs

Short little treats for members of the Show Me Your News! community after the end of each episode. Easter eggs can either be planned or are spontaneous – usually errors, miscues, or intriguing topics of conversation before or after an episode. Classic musical Easter Eggs exist, such as “Youko Barbershop Quartet”, “Hero of Time Overture”, “New Falcon Theme”, and “CHOPPACHOPPA”. Some fans to this day are still baffled as to what is “The Realm”

Introduced Episode 3 (July 22, 2007)

The Roundtable

Initially a bi-weekly segment in which Youko and SamuraiPanda would sit down and discuss Super Smash Bros. Brawl together. They later added guests to the segment every other week. Since the podcast went monthly, there has been a guest every episode. The Roundtable eventually replaced The Rundown.

Introduced Episode 13 (September 30, 2007)
Replaced The Rundown Episode 17 (October 28, 2007)
Participants: Youko, SamuraiPanda, colbusman, Piffman2, Gimpyfish62, Mic_128, Buzz, Sugarpoultry, Pyroloserkid, Sariku, Wayko, Kirby King, Cyberlink420, SwordHunter, SporkNinjaDraken, NinjaLink, The Nartist, Xander, Super, TonyTH, Moptop11


A segment in which Show Me Your News! fans send in questions for Youko, SamuraiPanda, and the guest of the week to answer. Recent episodes feature Mailtime consistently at the ends of the shows, as the hosts usually answer about three questions, even taking some live from the Stickam/Livestream audience. This was also added to the Wut R U Playn podcast.

Introduced Episode 14 (October 7, 2007)


A segment in which big names in the Smash Bros. scene are brought to Show Me Your News! for an interview. Youko officially started the segment in Season III; however SamuraiPanda had already had an interivew in the first Pandacast.

Introduced Pandacast Numero Uno (December 23, 2007)
Participants: M3D, Scav, Callum Stamp, Ian Kovich, Simna ibn Sind, Egoraptor, Tomamoto, Rina-chan, Kirbopher

Super Extended Mail Time Live

A one-time segment in which Youko and SamuraiPanda answered questions live to Show Me Your News! fans in an IRC chat. Moderated by Youko’s brother SwordHunter, this segment lasted approximately two and a half hours. Answered many questions ranging from “What are your favorite songs in Brawl?” to “Sariku or Cyberlink?”

Used in Episode 35 (March 1, 2008)
Participants: Youko, SamuraiPanda, SwordHunter, The Show Me Your News! Community

Panda’s Tips for Better Awesomeness

A one-time segment in which SamuraiPanda gives a story of how he became pro-level in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, telling people along the way how to reach his level of awesomeness.

Used in Episode 38 (July 25, 2008)
Participants: SamuraiPanda

The Bigg’un

Youko and guests expound upon the top one or two topics for the episode, whether it is a recent major release or a significant headline. This was done in addition to the “Headlines” segment.


Each host and guest rants about a media topic that is of their own choosing.


Everyone ponders a question, whether or not it is from the gaming world. Interesting reactions ensue.

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