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SMYN: Top 20 Easter Eggs

After the Episode 100 podcast primer and the Game of the Year awards for Episode 101, here is a special where Youko reveals his top twenty Easter Eggs from SMYN’s history. While it is a matter of personal choice, some great moments are here, completely un-edited for length from their original episode. Enjoy this three hour-long clip show, as we’re back to the normal show flow next weekend! What are some of your favorites?

Episode 100: A Podcast Primer

Podcast Moments, Historical Background, and Laughs Galore! This episode is meant as a way to document the past four and a half years of Show Me Your News, in celebration of our 100th episode. For those that joined the show late, catch up on what you missed by listening to this! Thank you for your patience waiting for this, but hopefully all the nostalgia will make it totally worth it. See you next time for Episode 101: Game of the Year Awards II!

Easter Egg: kniht uoy naht retteb

Episode 44: Retrospective Countdown

What are Youko’s top 25 favorite moments of the entire podcast history? This countdown will tell all, in addition to podcast history and secrets! Easter Egg: MajorMoses’ Mailtime questions

Episode 35: All Good Things…

With Brawl coming out in America next week, the hosts cover Spear Pillar, Lucario, and more are discussed. Plus, Super Extended Mailtime LIVE features questions from fans being answered. This special mailtime was the first part of an episode to be streamed live on Stickam. Youko and SamuraiPanda, along with question moderator SwordHunter, break down the latest news from the Brawl world. Easter Egg: English Brawl Voices, YBQ Brawl Theme

Episode 34: Golden Nipples

Luigi’s Mansion, Falco, Captain Falcon, and more are discussed! More detailed hands-on impressions are analyzed. Plans for the future of the podcast are talked about as well. Youko and SamuraiPanda break down the latest news from the Brawl world. Easter Egg: Darth Maul and MasterEm243