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SMYN: Top 20 Easter Eggs

After the Episode 100 podcast primer and the Game of the Year awards for Episode 101, here is a special where Youko reveals his top twenty Easter Eggs from SMYN’s history. While it is a matter of personal choice, some great moments are here, completely un-edited for length from their original episode. Enjoy this three hour-long clip show, as we’re back to the normal show flow next weekend! What are some of your favorites?

Episode 100: A Podcast Primer

Podcast Moments, Historical Background, and Laughs Galore! This episode is meant as a way to document the past four and a half years of Show Me Your News, in celebration of our 100th episode. For those that joined the show late, catch up on what you missed by listening to this! Thank you for your patience waiting for this, but hopefully all the nostalgia will make it totally worth it. See you next time for Episode 101: Game of the Year Awards II!

Easter Egg: kniht uoy naht retteb

SMYN: Youmacon Panel 2010

Youko, SwordHunter, and CyberLink420 discuss Show Me Your News’ history and recommendations for starting your own podcast. WUT R U PLAYN involves Borderlands, MGS: Peace Walker, Mega Man Legends, and Halo: Reach. Nintendo 3DS, Layton vs Ace Attorney, and the PlayStation Phone rumor are also discussed. Finally, they take some live questions from the crowd regarding Fallout: New Vegas, driving games at E3, and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

In a room of 500 seats, we were the first panel of the entire convention on the “Free Day” which not everyone attends. We thank the fourteen people who showed up and we present this panel to you, the fans!

Video from this panel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/showmeyournews – starting at Noon (ET) on Friday, October 29th.

Episode 65: Getting a Little Old

EVO, 3G in handhelds, and Blizzard’s curious choice are discussed. Youko is joined by TheBuzzSaw in the Season Six premiere! Since one episode wasn’t enough, we go over the rest of the E3 fallout, along with more topics from the past couple weeks! Mailtime is also featured: what games do the hosts regret buying? Youko, along with TheBuzzSaw, breaks down the latest news from the gaming world! Easter Egg: Mario Sports/Strikers

Episode 44: Retrospective Countdown

What are Youko’s top 25 favorite moments of the entire podcast history? This countdown will tell all, in addition to podcast history and secrets! Easter Egg: MajorMoses’ Mailtime questions