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Episode 79: M is for Melee

Project: M, Nintendo 3DS, and Sony NGP are discussed. Also, MvC3 full roster, Sony vs Geohot, Russia and MW2, and much more! Shanus, Strong Bad, and Dantarion from Project: M join us to discuss how they are working on employing technical Smash Bros gameplay similar to the Melee incarnation into Brawl. It’s been a massive couple weeks as far as news is concerned, so Youko, TheBuzzSaw, and the Project: M team break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Check out Project: M’s website at:

SMYN: 3DS Event

You all wanted our live reactions as we tracked the liveblogs for Nintendo’s 3DS event at 9 AM? No? You didn’t? Well, you’re getting it anyway! Youko is joined by SolidSnake120 and MasterWGS! Youko is a prophet. And SMYN breaks FC news first.

Episode 78: Kind of a Letdown

Nintendo World, Avatar Kinect, and New PokeNames are discussed. Also, MaXplosion, PSP2 rumors, the latest MvC3 news, and much more! It’ll be tough to live up to expectations after the Game of the Year awards, so the guys are taking it easy this week. Youko, TheBuzzSaw, and a surprise guest break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Episode 77: Game of the Year Awards

Episode 77 of Show Me Your News is the most epic one of all time. And that’s in a year where the word “Epic” has been used liberally in video games. While this isn’t a live episode, it is something Youko has been working on for about three weeks now. Basically, take the Spike VGAs. Then throw it out, because that is getting old and rotten. And then go buy some SMYN Game of the Year Awards. Except you aren’t buying it because it’s free.

Youko was trying for fangasm here. Are you not entertained?

Download the musical numbers here:
Time for Show Me Your News:
Closer (Die 2010):

SMYN: Red Carpet

TheDobaga and Moptop11 interview various celebrities that are on the red carpet before the 2010 Show Me Your News Game of the Year Award Show!