SMYN: Youmacon Panel 2010

Youko, SwordHunter, and CyberLink420 discuss Show Me Your News’ history and recommendations for starting your own podcast. WUT R U PLAYN involves Borderlands, MGS: Peace Walker, Mega Man Legends, and Halo: Reach. Nintendo 3DS, Layton vs Ace Attorney, and the PlayStation Phone rumor are also discussed. Finally, they take some live questions from the crowd regarding Fallout: New Vegas, driving games at E3, and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

In a room of 500 seats, we were the first panel of the entire convention on the “Free Day” which not everyone attends. We thank the fourteen people who showed up and we present this panel to you, the fans!

Video from this panel can be found at – starting at Noon (ET) on Friday, October 29th.

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