Episode 139: Bursting for a Fight

Pikmin & Olimar in the Smash Bros. Update, EVO 2013 Results, and League of Fighters are discussed. Also, The Legend of Korra: Book 2 trailer and the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover in the Soapbox segment, Zelda on Final Jeopardy is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! Our guests are SamuraiPanda and Mashumaro from Instaburst – the creators of the new free-to-play fighting game League of Fighters. Youko, Super, TonyTH, SamuraiPanda, and Mashumaro break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Easter Egg: Running Away from Keats

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Headline 1: Smash Bros. Update – Olimar
Headline 2: EVO 2013 Results
Headline 3: League of Fighters announced
Hilarity of the Weak: “Zelda” appears on Jeopardy, semantics ensue

Jailed LoL player is free on bail
New Ratchet & Clank PS3 game announced
Ryan Davis (Giant Bomb) passes away

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, NCAA Football 14, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Youko: The Legend of Korra: Book Two trailer
Tony: Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover
SamuraiPanda: Possible UMvC3 fan-centric update
Mashumaro: Chinese gaming console ban being considered
Super: Project M 2.6 impressions

Which is a better way to waste two minutes?
Fruit Ninja (Panda/Mashumaro) vs. Gran Turismo (Super/Tony)

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