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Episode 59: Catching Up

Nintendo 3DS, April Fools, and the Ubisoft Conspiracy Theory are discussed. Youko is joined by TheBuzzSaw, who last appeared in Episode 54! iPhone OS 4 and Pokémon Black/White are also touched upon. Mailtime is also featured – what games do the hosts like that everyone else seems to hate? Youko, along with TheBuzzSaw, breaks down the latest news from the gaming world! Easter Egg: Board Games and Sudoku

Episode 23: Real Men Use Items

Returning Pokémon, Friends List, and Basic Brawl are discussed in addition to a Brawl Viewpoint on Boss Battles! “Rumor Central” debuts with the SamuraiPanda Conspiracy Theoracy and more. Youko and SamuraiPanda, along with guest TheBuzzSaw, break down the latest news from the Brawl world. Easter Egg: Youko’s Computer Disaster, Mortal Kombat