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SMYN Ultimate | Final Smash Direct Predictions

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super and TonyTH to discuss 20 Yes/No questions that make up our Final Smash Direct predictions, such as whether or not The Grinch Leak is real, if the stage total will exceed 103, what Spirits mode actually will be, if a Global TestSmash or demo will be announced, and also our Big Boss Predictions before the truth comes out


• (3:21) Is the Grinch Leak real?
• (5:25) Will anyone “die,” like Mario and Luigi have, in a character reveal trailer?
• (6:18) After speculation about chairs and couch patterns, will Skull Kid be shown in any fashion – character, assist trophy, boss, etc. – during the Direct?
• (7:05) Will Sakurai or a Treehouse member confirm that as a result of this Direct, we have now seen the full launch character roster?
• (8:47) Will we see an updated banner image that includes all of the revealed characters on the live broadcast by the end of the Treehouse showcase?
• (10:13) Will a stage that has never been seen in a Smash Bros. game be revealed, making the total more than 103?
• (11:51) Will the blurred menu mode, suggested to be called “Spirits,” be a story-based spiritual successor to Subspace Emissary?
• (14:07) Will more than three new boss characters, not seen in any previous Smash Bros. game as bosses, be revealed?
• (15:30) Will a brand new Smash Bros. mode be revealed, other than Spirits?
• (17:07) Will either Smash Run or Smash Tour return?
• (18:04) Will Board the Platforms or a character-specific Break the Targets mode return?
• (19:14) Will the specific terms “For Fun” and “For Glory” be featured as menu selections in a discussion of the online multiplayer mode?
• (20:30) Will Mii fighters with customized costumes be confirmed for online play?
• (21:13) Will we see a new character-specific conversation event, aside from Codec Calls, Palutena’s Guidance, and Star Fox Conversations?
• (22:52) Will we see any evidence that the music library contains more than two Final Fantasy tracks?
• (24:03) Will players be able to change the order of how the character or stage select screens are arranged?
• (25:01) Will we learn what the mystery sprout item is?
• (26:54) Will there be any talk of DLC plans?
• (28:17) Will a Global TestSmash or demo be announced?
• (29:46) Will Sakurai be live in-person on the post-Direct Treehouse broadcast?

• (31:49) Youko: The character/roster results from the Direct will be viewed as better than the Box Theory, but worse than the Grinch Leak. Out of all the non-echo newcomers from the Grinch Leak, Mach Rider has the best chance of being revealed as a playable character. Minecraft’s representation in the game will be shown as Creeper as an Assist Trophy.
• (34:44) Super: Crocomire will be revealed as a boss character
• (35:18) TonyTH: The Grinch Leak is real, but Banjo-Kazooie will be shown at Microsoft’s XO18 event


(39:15) OUTRO
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SMYN Ultimate | Episode 10: We Told You This Last Week

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super, TonyTH, and guest Max Roberts to discuss the 15-point character selection Twitter meme, a fantasy Smash Bros. character draft, rumors of an echo fighter that needs to be considered in leaks, a week full of reiterated Smash Blog updates, rapping in Gang-Plank Galleon rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and a question from CyberLink420 about the single-player bosses that we would like to see


(2:42) HELLO, MAX!
• What’s new?
• Explain your connection to Smash

• (7:33) Four year anniversary of the ESRB leak
• (10:41) Vergeben says character leaks without Ken should be ignored
• (15:18) 15 points character selection Twitter meme

• (23:13) Richter
• (26:19) Abra
• (28:58) Gang-Plank Galleon
• (34:45) Dracula’s Castle
• (38:44) Chrom
• (41:13) Dark Samus

• MAX: Young Link, Captain Falcon, Inkling, King DeDeDe, Lucas, Bowser Jr.
• TONY: Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, Mega Man, Fox, Pikachu, Samus
• SUPER: King K. Rool, Mario, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Richter, Cloud
• YOUKO: Ganondorf, Chrom, Ridley, Pit, Peach, Ness

(56:05) MAILTIME
• (56:31) CyberLink420: “With Dracula and Rathalos both confirmed as single-player bosses, what other boss characters would you like to see added?”
• (1:04:06) Max Roberts: “Revisiting a previous question, how do you feel about the stage list being organized chronologically?”
• (1:05:39) Youko: “Max played Smash Bros. Ultimate at CEO 2018 – how was it?”

(1:52:16) OUTRO
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Episode 23: Real Men Use Items

Returning Pokémon, Friends List, and Basic Brawl are discussed in addition to a Brawl Viewpoint on Boss Battles! “Rumor Central” debuts with the SamuraiPanda Conspiracy Theoracy and more. Youko and SamuraiPanda, along with guest TheBuzzSaw, break down the latest news from the Brawl world. Easter Egg: Youko’s Computer Disaster, Mortal Kombat