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SMYN Ultimate | Episode 10: We Told You This Last Week

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super, TonyTH, and guest Max Roberts to discuss the 15-point character selection Twitter meme, a fantasy Smash Bros. character draft, rumors of an echo fighter that needs to be considered in leaks, a week full of reiterated Smash Blog updates, rapping in Gang-Plank Galleon rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and a question from CyberLink420 about the single-player bosses that we would like to see


(2:42) HELLO, MAX!
• What’s new?
• Explain your connection to Smash

• (7:33) Four year anniversary of the ESRB leak
• (10:41) Vergeben says character leaks without Ken should be ignored
• (15:18) 15 points character selection Twitter meme

• (23:13) Richter
• (26:19) Abra
• (28:58) Gang-Plank Galleon
• (34:45) Dracula’s Castle
• (38:44) Chrom
• (41:13) Dark Samus

• MAX: Young Link, Captain Falcon, Inkling, King DeDeDe, Lucas, Bowser Jr.
• TONY: Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, Mega Man, Fox, Pikachu, Samus
• SUPER: King K. Rool, Mario, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Richter, Cloud
• YOUKO: Ganondorf, Chrom, Ridley, Pit, Peach, Ness

(56:05) MAILTIME
• (56:31) CyberLink420: “With Dracula and Rathalos both confirmed as single-player bosses, what other boss characters would you like to see added?”
• (1:04:06) Max Roberts: “Revisiting a previous question, how do you feel about the stage list being organized chronologically?”
• (1:05:39) Youko: “Max played Smash Bros. Ultimate at CEO 2018 – how was it?”

(1:52:16) OUTRO
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Episode 130: Sipping on Some Life (I)

SimCity Disaster and catching up on life are discussed. Real life is hitting the hosts pretty hard, so instead of putting in a weak effort, everyone is relaxed with some drinks to catch up on a more personal level. While they’re at it, the biggest game story from the week is discussed. Youko, Super, and TonyTH take it easy with good spirits and good discussion!

Easter Egg: Drinking Tolerance

EA Ruins SimCity

Episode 83: Presidents with Blue Hair

Nintendo 3DS, Duke’s Delay, and Hacking Headlines are discussed. Also, Homefront, Percentages of Rated Games, A Thief Getting Pwned is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! There is no guest this week, as this episode was initially pushed back 23 hours at the last moment due to scheduling issues. Mailtime is also featured – which seat do the hosts take on FRIDAY? Youko and TheBuzzSaw break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Easter Egg: Taste of Ace Attorney Let’s Strum