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Episode 118: Water Jack Zeroes

OnLive Restructuring, Metal Gear 25th Anniversary, and TWEWY Countdown Disappointments are discussed. Also, New Year Game List Update and Turning Games into Movies in the Soapbox segment, Canoeing in Madden is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! Youko’s brother SwordHunter is our guest, as he has important news regarding the home of SMYN and Youmacon panels. This week’s Thought involves the fall game lineup – which titles are the hosts most interested in? Youko, Super, TonyTH, and SwordHunter break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Easter Egg: Bad Driving Trip Decisions

Episode 105: DLC Delusions

PlayStation Vita, Pokemon Black/White 2, and Assassin’s Creed III Details are discussed. Also, Sexual Harassment in the Fighting Game Community and ME3/SFxT Disputes in the Soapbox segment, Space Game Raffle is our Hilarity of the Weak, and much more! SwordHunter is our guest this week, as the one-year anniversary of WTFP’s hiatus return approaches. Also, Cyberlink420 shows up at the end, as TheBuzzSaw has to leave early. This week’s Thought involves gameplay – how would one properly define the often-used term? Youko, TheBuzzSaw, Super, TonyTH, SwordHunter, and CyberLink420 break down the latest news from the gaming world!

Easter Egg: Clownfish for Skype

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Episode 101: Game of the Year Awards II

Episode 101 of Show Me Your News is the most epic one of all time, a title usurped from last year’s award show. While this isn’t a live episode, it is something Youko has been working on for about three weeks now. Basically, take the Spike VGAs. Then throw it out, because that is getting old and rotten. And then go buy some SMYN Game of the Year Awards. Except you aren’t buying it because it’s free.


Youko was trying for fangasm here. AGAIN. Let’s see if it beats last year’s show!

Download the musical numbers here:
Find a Game: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNfindagame.mp3
Beauty of Industry: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNbeauty.mp3
These are Bad Games: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNbadgames.mp3
SMYNJAROCK: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNjarock.mp3

Episode 100: A Podcast Primer

Podcast Moments, Historical Background, and Laughs Galore! This episode is meant as a way to document the past four and a half years of Show Me Your News, in celebration of our 100th episode. For those that joined the show late, catch up on what you missed by listening to this! Thank you for your patience waiting for this, but hopefully all the nostalgia will make it totally worth it. See you next time for Episode 101: Game of the Year Awards II!

Easter Egg: kniht uoy naht retteb

Episode 99: The Darkest Episode

Sonic Generations, Uncharted 3, and Modern Warfare 3 are discussed in this NSFW EPISODE. We are at Youmacon 2011 and decided to pack everyone in a single-bed hotel room for this episode! Youko, Cyberlink420, Super, TonyTH, Nathan, TheDobaga, DangerPenguin, MasterWGS, DarkBomberKid, GymLeaderBen, SwordHunter, KindKing01, and GameBuddy break down the latest news from the gaming world at an anime convention!

Easter Egg: Benson McDougall (NSFW)

Listen to our Youmacon impressions on Dangercast 37, courtesy of Box of Danger: http://boxofdanger.com/videos/dangercast-37/