Episode 101: Game of the Year Awards II

Episode 101 of Show Me Your News is the most epic one of all time, a title usurped from last year’s award show. While this isn’t a live episode, it is something Youko has been working on for about three weeks now. Basically, take the Spike VGAs. Then throw it out, because that is getting old and rotten. And then go buy some SMYN Game of the Year Awards. Except you aren’t buying it because it’s free.


Youko was trying for fangasm here. AGAIN. Let’s see if it beats last year’s show!

Download the musical numbers here:
Find a Game: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNfindagame.mp3
Beauty of Industry: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNbeauty.mp3
These are Bad Games: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNbadgames.mp3
SMYNJAROCK: http://www.showmeyournews.com/podcast/audio/SMYNjarock.mp3


  1. Rachel says:

    Such an awesome night 😀 unforgettable. Let’s have another great year of gaming!

  2. SoulTH says:

    I can’t believe I missed it ;C

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