Episode 58: The Pokécast

A Pokémon Retrospective, Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and a Competitive Tutorial are discussed. Youko is joined by Super and Tony TH, who last appeared in Episode 56! Sonic 4 achievement rumors and the Playstation Move are also touched upon. Mailtime is also featured – what types would the SMYN cast be if they were Pokémon? Youko, along with Super and TonyTH, break down the latest news from the gaming world in a Pokéfilled episode! Easter Egg: Pikaroll and Another Failed Start


  1. Tarvis says:

    “POKEMON!?” -Bill Cosby

  2. kai Mizuki says:

    Not bad tony not bad….

  3. kai Mizuki says:

    I think that pokemon XD was awesome dude!!:D

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