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SMYN Ultimate | Episode 6: Bewear the Broken Pichu

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super, TonyTH, and our guest Joe DeVader (TheDobaga) to discuss how Pichu might be broken, Sakurai’s thoughts on leakers, Bill Trinen recognizing Captain America, Snake Eater misses out on the composer crossover, Moray Towers rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and questions from Plumokin and GoldenSandslash about our most wanted third-party character and game spoilers in character trophy descriptions


• (2:21) What’s new with Joe
• (3:02) Favorite games played since SMYN
• (8:58) Hosting new podcasts

(11:05) QUICK HITS
• (11:09) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will need 16 GB of digital space
• (13:59) Sakurai thrilled by the reaction to Ultimate so far
• (19:56) Bill Trinen discusses Smash Bros. on IGN’s Comic-Con coverage

• (28:15) Pichu
• (31:50) Moray Towers
• (37:02) Snake Eater
• (42:14) Wily Castle
• (44:45) Bowser Jr.
• (50:37) Bewear

(53:23) MAILTIME
• (53:51) Plumokin: “If you could choose any other 3rd party character to be in the game, who would you choose and why?”
• (58:18) GoldenSandslash: “I noticed that the Lucas trophy in Brawl spoils various plot twists in Mother 3, but the Lucas trophy in Smash 4 doesn’t. Curious about where you stand on this. Do you think that trophy descriptions should be allowed to spoil plot twists for their native games? Or do you think that trophy descriptions ought to remain spoiler-free? The former is better for those that have played the games, the latter is better for those who haven’t.”

(1:04:26) OUTRO
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SMYN: Karaoke

After Episode 73 at Youmacon 2010, Youko randomly broke out a guitar and everyone in the room sang gaming songs at midnight! This is the easter egg to Dangercast Episode 9, thanks to Box of Danger!

Songs included: Pokemon Theme, Snake Eater, Live and Learn, City Escape, Cornered (Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice), Dr. Wily 1 from Mega Man 2, Maemuki Rocketto Dan, What Kind of Pokemon Are You, 2BA Master, and more!

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