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SMYN Ultimate | Episode 3: A Newcomer Who’s In

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super, TonyTH, and our guest Jason Pilcher (Sariku Uchiha) to discuss the chances of different newcomer characters in a revisit to “Who’s In?”, Youko’s wife pays up on a Ridley bet, Snake leads a trio of character veterans, the Sukapon assist trophy update, the Noisy Notebook music track rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and questions from Missingno87 and Ryan Stoler about favorite and least favorite aspects of Smash Bros. games and if a weekly Smash news podcast is sustainable



• (9:45) What’s new with Sariku
• (10:51) Favorite games played since SMYN
• (14:55) Newcomer character discussion

(27:15) QUICK HITS
• CEO playable demo wraps up
• Amiibo planned for returning characters

• (30:05) Corrin
• (33:42) Snake
• (38:03) Noisy Notebook
• (42:21) Sukapon
• (45:53) Solgaleo & Lunala
• (50:01) Donkey Kong

(52:10) MAILTIME
• (52:36) Missingno87: “With Super Smash Bros Ultimate looking to be the definitive edition of Smash, what has been your favorite and least favorite things in every past Smash and what could get you to make this your Smash of choice?”
• (59:31) Ryan Stoler: “We’ve received a ton of Smash info at E3, which makes for great podcasting content, but now that new information is going to slow down to a trickle, do you think that a weekly podcast will remain sustainable in the future?”

(1:02:16) OUTRO
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Episode 26.2: The Pandacast Strikes Back

Sonic’s Final Smash and Coin Launcher are discussed! News was spread out during an update-less week in five parts, while Youko was still out of town. SamuraiPanda and Gimpyfish, along with guest SarikuUchiha, break down the latest news from the Brawl world. Easter Egg: Japandatime – Lockup

Episode 12: Snake? Online! BRAWWWLLL!!!

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Episode 10: Character’s Serenade

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Episode 8: The Golden Week

Diddy Kong, Music Quality, and the Subspace Army are discussed in addition to a Brawl Viewpoint on Japan-only Characters! Plus, “Who’s In” reviews Ridley and Dark Samus! Easter Egg: Melee Sound Effect Answers