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SMYN Ultimate | Episode 2: Smash Is Special

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super, TonyTH, and our guest TheBuzzSaw to discuss the first part of Sakurai’s “Smash Is Special” column in Famitsu, Waluigi fans causing harassment on social media, Bomb Rush Blush is the first dedicated music update, a closer look at a trio of veterans, Bomberman rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and a question from Plumokin about a potential successor to Subspace Emissary



• (4:40) Built off pre-existing Smash games
• (7:18) Increased game speed
• (11:51) Starters are the N64 roster
• (17:31) Stages and items remade from scratch

• (20:51) Mario
• (24:56) Battlefield
• (28:35) Black Hole
• (30:02) Bomb Rush Blush
• (35:38) Bomberman
• (40:00) Link
• (44:27) Ice Climbers

(51:20) MAILTIME
• Plumokin: “What do you guys think the chances are of a successor to Subspace Emissary being in the game?”

(56:30) OUTRO
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Episode 45: SBR – Infinites

Youko and SamuraiPanda moderate a Smash Back Room discussion on whether or not infinite combos should be allowed in Brawl. Top Smash pros are featured, with Hylian and Sliq joining the show. From Ice Climbers’ chaingrabs to DeDeDe’s standing infinites, what should the community decide regarding these issues? Easter Egg: Anther gets 9th, False Start II

Episode 11: Cold Sacrifices

Battleship Halberd, Ice Climbers, and Special Brawl are discussed in addition to a Brawl Viewpoint on Special Techniques! Plus, “Show Yourself” introduces Egruntz this week! Easter Egg: Imitations