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SMYN: Wii Retrospective (3/4)

With Nintendo Wii U price and release date news due this Thursday, Darkurai hosts a special four-part Wii Retrospective podcast. Youko (host of SMYN) and TheDobaga (host of Read the Manual) join him as guests. In this part, the hosts discuss the Wii’s game library. Come listen as the hosts give this Nintendo console the proper sendoff it deserves.

– Games you own
– Favorite games played
– Least favorite games played
– Homebrew

Episode 39: Brawl is Not in the Realm

Brawl’s hacking potential, the results from Evo, and more are discussed. The official SBR ruleset and a Midwest circuit event are topics that are Brawl-focused. Mailtime is also featured – what did the hosts think of The Dark Knight? Youko and SamuraiPanda, along with guest SwordHunter, break down the latest news from the gaming world. Easter Egg: The Box, In the Realm