SMYN Ultimate | Episode 16: Let’s Talk About Bowsette

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super and TonyTH to discuss Sakurai tempering new character reveal expectations, the Bowsette meme takes over Nintendo discussion online, wireless Gamecube controllers for Switch emerge, a music update that selects one of the best Pokémon champion themes, Brinstar rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and questions from Nerevarine76 and thedobaga about fully changing a character’s moveset and ranking the Smash Bros. main themes


• (2:13) Wireless Gamecube controllers confirmed
• (7:22) Bowsette – the origin and Nintendo’s original idea

• (13:15) Isabelle is not an Echo
• (15:01) Don’t expect many more character reveals
• (18:22) Smash is chaos

• (20:50) Moon
• (24:37) Lucina
• (29:11) Battle! Steven
• (34:09) Brinstar
• (36:58) Death’s Scythe
• (39:11) Lucario

(44:27) MAILTIME
• (44:54) Nerevarine76: “If you could totally redesign a character’s moveset, who would it be and what major changes would you make?”
• (50:01) thedobaga: “Smash has now had five completely unique main themes. Forgetting about the games themselves, which main theme is the best one? Which one gets you the most hyped?”

(56:02) OUTRO
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