SMYN Ultimate | Episode 15: The First Leaked Screenshot

Your weekly weekend podcasting source recaps the biggest news in anticipation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Youko returns with Super and TonyTH to discuss the first leaked screenshot, more rumors including 108 stages and Minecraft Steve’s inclusion, a music update that makes Animal Crossing tunes seem exciting, Onett rounds up this week’s Smash Blog updates, and a question from Exelev about characters that don’t originate from video games that we would like to see as playable fighters


• (3:41) The first leaked screenshot likely revealed
• (6:44) Vergeben speaks out about the Box Theory
• (10:11) CoroCoro reports 108 stages
• (12:33) Talk swells for Minecraft Steve as a playable character
• (19:20) People posting 4chan leaks

• (34:07) Isabelle
• (37:18) Shovel Knight
• (40:02) Title Theme (Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer)
• (44:08) Onett
• (47:01) Ganondorf
• (51:08) Pikachu

(55:50) MAILTIME
• (56:15) Exelev: “Aside from Goku, if you could put one non-videogame character in Smash, who would it be?”

(59:46) OUTRO
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