Episode 67: Habitual Gamers

Obsessive Habits, Arkham City, and Metroid’s In-Game Movie are discussed. Also, more Pokémon Black/White news, MGS Rising’s place in the canon, Billy is king again, and much more! Mailtime is also featured: what do the hosts think about the latest OneManga legal decision? Youko and TheBuzzSaw, along with SwordHunter, break down the latest news from the gaming world! Easter Egg: Cereal and YoukOmake – Germany Fall


  1. Oreasa says:

    It’s just gonna get crazier from here guys.

  2. Sailor Starfighter says:

    Will you guys put #6 an unnatural match point on the site? i really want to watch it again and right now its in its youtube format, which was removed due to copyright

    • Doba (Sailor Neptune) says:

      Will actually work on it! We have access to it it’s just gonna be a bit of a hassle. Thank you for reminding us, we will get it all squared away!

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