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Ever since SMYN began in 2007, the podcasting efforts across the various shows in our network have been and continue to be a labor of love. Financial needs for the shows have primarily come out of our own pockets. Yet, as we get older, we have now gotten to the point where we need to look into reliable ways for the network to make self-sustaining money. If we are ever going to get better as content providers for you, this is a step that we need to take. Kickstarter is an avenue that lasts for a limited time and we’ve also had talks for years about when to and if we should install a donation button. Whatever choice we made, we knew that it had to be as fan-centric as our shows are, in order to give contributors benefits for helping the shows in our network.

I am proud to announce the official SMYN Network Patreon channel.

Patreon lets fans become patrons of the content creators that they wish to support. Think of it as a kind of constant Kickstarter, where your monthly financial support will help us grow and provide you with even better content. What’s in it for you? Well, with EIGHT DIFFERENT SHOWS now under our network, depending on how much you give, you will find that you have access to a wide variety of rewards and extra content that only our patrons will receive. These range from a SMYNja Patron designation on the forums, to raw recordings of SMYN and RTM, to early downloads of The Questionably Roundtable, and more. Even higher, limited tiers involve Skype calls with hosts and guest spots on shows.

As far as group, collaborative rewards go, we also have incentives for reaching a total sum donated per month. These include paying off our website costs, procuring new audio/video equipment, and more. While this would certainly be a substantial help for us, donating for these long-term goals benefits you as well, as it would ensure that we would continue to provide content that is of an even higher quality than before.

Additionally, if you ever want to contribute directly to our Network fund, yes – we will finally add a donate button on our main page in the coming week!

To summarize today’s announcements, on top of our new SMYN Network Patreon, here are the shows that will now headline under our content umbrella.

Certainly, there are still further improvements that we need to look into – website updates, considering the merits of the Reviews page, merchandise designs, and much more. However, today’s upgrades are changes that have needed to be made for some time now, and we are happy to provide you with a bigger, better, stronger SMYN Network!

To Version 2.0 and beyond!

This Thursday begins a big extended weekend at “The Dojo” here in Michigan, as Super stops by.

This kind of “bro time” is going to be beneficial for you as well, since we will streaming regularly often on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to celebrate 7 Years of SMYN.

In case you didn’t know, every broadcast will be on our Twitch account.

We will be active on Twitter as well with stream notifications and interaction, through our account @showmeyournews. Please include us in tweets and use the hashtag #7YearsofSMYN for engagement with this weekend’s SMYN festivities.

Perhaps this video will explain it all for you, but hit the jump after to see a text breakdown of the things we have planned to go LIVE over the next few days.


The officially anniversary of SMYN falls on July 8th every year. On that date in 2007, we released our first episode. That means we are coming up on 7 YEARS OF SMYN!

Does anyone remember last year’s #6YearsofSMYN stream? Where we broadcasted shenanigans over the course of a few days?

Good. Because another year is upon us and we’re planning the event once again!

This year, Super and (hopefully) Tony will be traveling to our house, “The Dojo,” on Thursday, July 10th, 2013 and they will be staying for the entire weekend.

Now, we do have a weekend of fun “bro hangout” times to get up to, some of which may be livestreamed, but that time of year has arrived where we gauge your interest for what you would like to see in our ALL-DAY STREAM, which will take place on Saturday, July 12th, 2014.

For past reference, here was LAST YEAR’S streamed schedule.

New Super Mario Bros. U
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Project M
Mega Man X
Gunstar Heroes
Shaq Fu
Sailor Moon (Genesis)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Cards Against Humanity
The Metagame

9a-11a — Music Trivia with Youko’s iTunes
11a-12p — Pokémon Hour (HG/SS Battles through PBR, Pokemon Stadium minigames)
12p-3p — Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Project M online (wi-fi safe builds)
3p-4p — You Don’t Know Jack
4p-5p — NFL Blitz (2012)
5p-6p — Video Game Themed Sporcle
6p-7p — Nintendo Power Hour (Various NES, SNES, GB games)
7p-8p — Super Mario Bros. 3 (Youko’s first time, All-Stars version)
8p-9p — Sonic Adventure 2: Battle multiplayer
9p-10p — Rock Band 3
10p-11p — Mario Party (Hopefully 3)

The question remains: Which games or activities would you like to see livestreamed over the course of this celebration? Are there any that you’d like to see repeated?

We will take your suggestions and we hope to set up an official schedule soon. You can watch last year’s highlights HERE.

All current and future livestreams take place at our Twitch.TV account.

Hey guys! Me and some buddies worked on this video, and I’d really like you all to check it out. If you like it, share it around, check out our social media and the like. We’re gonna make more stuff, so be sure to follow along!

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With myself, Super, SwordHunter, and SolidSnake120 watching all of the big E3 2014 events this year, I thought we should try something ambitious.

Not only did we record reactions before and after each conference, but we let the webcam and microphone roll during each of them as well!

As a taste of what we got out of each of the events, along with how we plan to make editing use of the videos, here is a sample of one the best moments from the Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament.

Over the next week or so, I will try to make edited compilations of our best reactions from the following conferences/events. These will be edited to include the links once they are updated.

Microsoft Conference
EA Conference
Ubisoft Conference
Sony Conference
Nintendo Digital Event
Super Smash Bros. Invitational Tournament

Are there any moments that you want me to include from each of those events?

We’ve done this for the past couple of years and it has worked rather well, but with practice comes perfection, so this year’s E3 call-in show will hopefully go smoother and sound better than ever before! Fire up Skype and get your E3 2014 predictions ready, because it’s time for Show Me Your News!

SMYN: Episode 160
TIME: 4:00 PM ET (1 PM Pacific, 20:00 GMT)

This episode will be broadcasted LIVE at [url][/url] – anybody will be able to listen to the whole thing there. We will try to keep things brief, even though this tends to be a rather long show.

To BE A GUEST on the call-in show, you will have to do the following:
– Have a Skype account, which is free and easy to do.
– Search for SMYNHost and add him as a contact at any time. This will be SwordHunter acting as a moderator and he will be able to add you to our call at his chosen, designated time.
– Instant message him at any time during the show, telling him that you wish to be a guest, the sooner the better. He will add you into a special Skype text chat with everyone that he will select guests from.
– Keep an eye on the Skype chat so you can respond quickly when he asks if you are ready to be on the show.
– Please MUTE YOUR LIVESTREAM of the show before you are on the air to prevent echoes.

ALSO, submissions for the YES/NO contest will be CUT OFF at 12 PM ET on Sunday. I will need the time to do some calculations and do stat prep. You can still submit your final application in this thread HERE.

We will try to get everyone who calls some airtime. Meaning, we will at least try to get you on for at least one question, as we will be discussing all 50 from the contest. The fewer people that call-in, the longer you get to stay on.

Like last year, you will have to go big, or…be hung up on quietly. Before your time on-air is over, we will ask for your BIG BOSS PREDICTION and your KIEFER PREDICTION. These will be statements that you think have a small chance of happening at E3, but it’s got to be GUTSY (aka BIG BOSS) or LUDICROUS (aka KIEFER) to get our audio seal of approval. It may sound confusing now, but you’ll get the hang of it. Just have a couple gutsy predictions (that aren’t entirely impossible) ready!

Please feel free to ask any questions here, and let’s get the E3 hype train rolling!

Hello, fans of Show Me Your News! As announced on Episode 159 of SMYN, we are holding a E3-themed contest that has a very simple premise!


– You will be presented with 50 statements regarding what may or may not occur at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. These are statements/questions that will be definitively answered “YES” or “NO” by the time the expo comes to a close.
– All you have to do is answer each question with “YES” or “NO,” as well as answer the tiebreaker question with a number.
– The hosts will reveal their answers on Episode 160 of SMYN, which we plan on setting up as a live call-in show, a la talk radio.
– The fan with the highest percentage of answers correct, as determined by the hosts at the end of E3, will be asked to be a guest on the post-E3 episode of Show Me Your News.


– You must submit your answers IN THIS THREAD for them to be valid. While this may seem like a draw to make fans register at our amazing community, it is also a method to ensure fair play, as it may be seen if you have edited your post (and your answers). It is simply a way to make sure cheating does not occur. And it makes it much easier for us to collect all the submissions and grade them after E3 ends.
– In order to be a guest on SMYN, you will need a working computer microphone and have no qualms (parental, etc.) with having a Skype call with us. This does not mean you cannot enter the contest, but if you win and are not able to be a guest for either of these reasons, we will have to consider the fan with the next highest score.
– Submissions must be entered a few hours before we go live for Episode 160 of SMYN. This will occur likely around Saturday, June 7th. Therefore, the sooner you submit your answers, the better chance you have of the deadline not passing you by. However, once you submit your entry, those are the answers we will stick with for your official submissions. Any edits that you make will be disregarded, as we will be able to view what you first typed in. Therefore, before submitting here, feel free to DISCUSS THESE QUESTIONS WITH OTHER FANS in this thread HERE.

So with that, let’s reveal the questions involved and see who is blessed with an eye towards the future, after the jump!


Hey you, you crazy kids! Does the idea that your life needs new music keep you up at night? Do you find your mind constantly wandering to the terrible realization that you don’t know Doba or Ben’s musical tastes all that well? Have you missed RTM Radio since the last time we did an episode of it in 2011?


… oh.

Well in case you change your mind, RTM Radio is making an official comeback! This weekend’s episode of The List is going to be a special one that is also going to be the first episode of the new rebooted RTM Radio with Ben and I listing our two Top 25 Video Game Soundtracks, complete with our favorite tracks from each album.

It’s currently in production, but the finished product is currently set to stream at 4:30 EST on RTM’s twitch channel Saturday May 3rd. Be there! Or don’t! But we’d like it better if you’d be there!


As the summer begins, we are looking to revamp or refresh different aspects of our SMYN Network offerings.

This begins with our Twitch channel. We are entering year two livestreaming on Twitch and over at “The Dojo,” where SwordHunter and I live, we have invested in two high-level computers to broadcast all of our console and PC gameplay in 720p HD quality.

In order to stress-test our newer computer for last-gen game systems yesterday, we played some Project M. Below is the kind of visual quality you can expect from streams and highlights in the months to come.

Pretty impressive, right?

With an overall successful test (and still some slight tweaks to make), I would like to announce our new, full-blown streaming capabilities over at Show Me Your News’ Twitch channel, while giving you a preview of some stream layouts.