Network Shows

Show Me Your News!
Description: “Show Me Your News!” is the pinnacle for delivering and debating the gaming news that matters the most to you! Get your fix on all the latest video game and industry news right here, from the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl podcast!
Hosts: Youko, Solharath, TonyTH
Date Started: July 8, 2007
Twitter: @showmeyournews

Read the Manual
Description: “Read the Manual” is the show about stuff. From anime, to TV, to movies, to games, the latest aspects of pop culture experienced by the hosts are discussed.
Hosts: thedobaga, GymleaderBen
Date Started: December 5, 2010
Twitter: @sexyrtm69

The Questionably Roundtable
Description: “The Questionably Roundtable” is a show where storytelling, plus inquiry, equals personalities. The hosts bring any topic to the table that they wish to discuss and the conversation goes from there. Viewers and listeners are encouraged to contribute topics via social media, as one will be selected every week.
Hosts: Peter Spezia (Youko), Miles Allen (Solharath), Tony Mattingly (TonyTH), Joe DeVader (thedobaga), Ben Higbee (GymleaderBen)
Date Started: August 1, 2014
Twitter: @qrtshow

Down the Sidelines
Description: “Down the Sidelines” is all about the predictive element in sports. After covering the latest stories in the Red Zone, the hosts invite listeners to participate in their Pick Six as they analyze the spread in upcoming games.
Hosts: Peter Spezia (Youko) and Joel Orndorff (Imabeast)
Date Started: August 29, 2012
Twitter: @smynsidelines

WTF, Pokémon!?!
Description: “WTF, Pokémon!?!” is the loving critique of the errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing of the 4Kids Pokémon anime. Learn the Bottom Five in each episode and discover how thick your nostalgia goggles are!
Hosts: Youko, SwordHunter
Date Started: April 12, 2008
Twitter: @wtfpshow

Moon Prism Power Hour
Description: “Moon Prism Power Hour” is the video series where the hosts watch and riff two episodes of Sailor Moon, edit the highlights for your viewing, and then proceed to have an aftermath discussion afterwards.
Hosts: thedobaga, GymLeaderBen, ZeroRanma, ToonLucas
Date Started: August 20, 2013
Twitter: @MPPH_Show

RTM Radio
Description: “RTM Radio” is the show where five DJs bring an assault onto your musical tastes, by selecting songs for your enjoyment.
Hosts: thedobaga, GymLeaderBen, Darkurai, MajorMoses, ToonLucas
Date Started: May 4, 2014
Twitter: @RTM_Radio

The List
Description: “The List” is the show where Doba and Ben find a media list from the Internet, then give it praise and/or critique!
Hosts: thedobaga & GymLeaderBen
Date Started: August 3, 2013
Twitter: @RTM_List