Support SMYN Network with Patreon

Ever since SMYN began in 2007, the podcasting efforts across the various shows in our network have been and continue to be a labor of love. Financial needs for the shows have primarily come out of our own pockets. Yet, as we get older, we have now gotten to the point where we need to look into reliable ways for the network to make self-sustaining money. If we are ever going to get better as content providers for you, this is a step that we need to take. Kickstarter is an avenue that lasts for a limited time and we’ve also had talks for years about when to and if we should install a donation button. Whatever choice we made, we knew that it had to be as fan-centric as our shows are, in order to give contributors benefits for helping the shows in our network.

I am proud to announce the official SMYN Network Patreon channel.

Patreon lets fans become patrons of the content creators that they wish to support. Think of it as a kind of constant Kickstarter, where your monthly financial support will help us grow and provide you with even better content. What’s in it for you? Well, with EIGHT DIFFERENT SHOWS now under our network, depending on how much you give, you will find that you have access to a wide variety of rewards and extra content that only our patrons will receive. These range from a SMYNja Patron designation on the forums, to raw recordings of SMYN and RTM, to early downloads of The Questionably Roundtable, and more. Even higher, limited tiers involve Skype calls with hosts and guest spots on shows.

As far as group, collaborative rewards go, we also have incentives for reaching a total sum donated per month. These include paying off our website costs, procuring new audio/video equipment, and more. While this would certainly be a substantial help for us, donating for these long-term goals benefits you as well, as it would ensure that we would continue to provide content that is of an even higher quality than before.

Additionally, if you ever want to contribute directly to our Network fund, yes – we will finally add a donate button on our main page in the coming week!

To summarize today’s announcements, on top of our new SMYN Network Patreon, here are the shows that will now headline under our content umbrella.

Certainly, there are still further improvements that we need to look into – website updates, considering the merits of the Reviews page, merchandise designs, and much more. However, today’s upgrades are changes that have needed to be made for some time now, and we are happy to provide you with a bigger, better, stronger SMYN Network!

To Version 2.0 and beyond!