Youmacon 2013 Video Compendium

Youmacon 2013 is complete, as is our post-con hangover. I must apologize that a montage video is not possible again this year, but please understand when I say that I have my reasons for this. Anyway, we debuted several brand new videos at our two panels, plus Cyberlink420 was kind enough to record the panels for us! That said, here’s a breakdown our panels and the videos, in case you weren’t able to attend this year’s Youmacon!

WTF, Pokémon!?! – An Anime Critique

Full Panel
WTFP Heroes
Attack on Celebi

Show Me Your News: The Year in Video Games

We weren’t able to get a lot of feedback on our panels from this year, so please let us know how we did. What did you like or not like? What would you keep for next year? What would you change?