Welcome to the SMYN Network

Welcome to the debut of the SMYN Network at showmeyournews.com!

When we first pitched the idea of combining multiple shows created by our community under one name, we knew it would be a tremendous undertaking. After functioning in this production style for a few months, we’re ready to make this official!

On the right side of the main page of the SMYN Network, you will see images that represent our current shows. By clicking on these images, you will be directed to the content page for the respective show, where you will find more detailed show information, episode downloads, and much more. Our current shows include…

Show Me Your News! – Discussion of the latest video game industry news (audio podcast)
Wut R U Playn? – Discussion of what video games the hosts and guests have been playing (audio podcast)
WTF, Pokémon!?! – Critique featuring the Bottom Five moments of episodes from the 4Kids dub of the Pok[e]eacute[/e]mon anime (video)
Read the Manual – Discussion of the media the hosts and guests have been experiencing, from film, to TV, to games, to anime, and more (audio podcast)
Down the Sidelines – Recap of the latest news in sports, with a predictive element to everything (audio podcast)
N64Ever – Reviews of video games from the Nintendo 64 era (video)
SMYN Top Ten – Top ten lists of a variety of media topics, made by members of the SMYN community (video)

At the top, we have our show list and information, our forums (friendliest fan community on the ‘net), our store (which is in need of art submissions), network affiliates, media links for logo use, and contact information. It’s all pretty standard fare, as the main page is going to act as a hub for you to get to your favorite shows, as well as a blog to see the latest news and releases from the SMYN community.

That said, we are FAR from completing our final vision. The site is a work in progress and we have multiple things we want to improve. We certainly welcome user feedback on how we can improve your experience. Some of these future version changes include…

– New forum skins, giving users more to choose from
– Livestream LIVE banner triggers, which will activate above the top post if one of our streaming channels is live
– Bracketed sections in content post titles ([SMYN], [WRUP], etc.) will be color-coded, similarly to forum post categories
– Fixes to front page blog glitches, as some posts appear blank for an unknown reason
– Add extra HTML code for front page blog formatting, such as size and alignment variations
– Donate button for our server costs and other show needs.
– Captain Falcon browser tab icon across all SMYN Network sites

And so it begins. It’s sad that it comes soon after the closure of one of our sites of inspiration, but we can only hope to continue moving forward.

Also, 12:12 PM ET on 12/12/12. That’s how we roll.