Thankful For

Well, now that I’m very full from a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, my mind is starting to wander to the 5AM-5PM shift that I have to work tomorrow on the dreaded Black Friday. Before I go to sleep to prepare for such an event though, I wanted to make a quick list of things that I am thankful for in my life.

– Physical health of family/friends
– Parents who love me very much
– Shelter and a comfortable economic situation
– Brother who is my best friend
– Friends who mean a lot to me and would do anything for me
– The internet. Seriously, the internet. And a nice computer.
– Sports, for being such a pleasant distraction
– Having a job, but always striving to actually use my college degree
– Video games, for being such an interactive distraction. I LOVE YOU.
– TheBuzzSaw, for helping me continue the best non-paid gig I can possibly imagine and for being a technical genius
– Mystery girlfriend out there. Wherever you are, once I move out of my parents’ place.
– Show Me Your News. Mmyep.
– Anything/Anyone else I forgot

Finally, all of you. The fans. As you all know, the podcast means a great deal to me. Aside from how much fun it is to do and its potential professional benefits, the real reason I’ve continued the show after three-plus years is because of you all. Please, never forget how much your support means to me. There’s a reason SMYN caters to you all, which is something few other podcasts of our caliber do. Love you guys.


Now it’s bedtime. We’ll figure out an Episode 75 time sometime soon. You know, holiday and all.