Summer Project Plans

After officially graduating today from the University of Michigan with a commencement address from President Obama (can be watched here), it’s time to consider the projects I plan to work on this summer. You know, on top of planning for future things. It’s just that it’s easier to work on your own creative endeavors when you have your own room again, and since I’ll be moving back home tomorrow, I will have just that again.

Obviously more podcasts are in order this summer. That’s a given. Especially since I don’t have to work around schedules with roommates and all.

It’s been three years since I’ve written and recorded my own music. I’ve learned a lot since then. This drought must be fixed. Maybe a gaming music remix album, maybe another Dual Theory kind of CD, maybe both?

What’s nice about my gaming setup at home is that it’s right by my computer. Which means whenever I game, I can broadcast it live with commentary AND SEE YOUR COMMENTS. This was something that was not possible too often during this past school year.

Videos. Voice acting requests. I’ll be flexible. And I’ll make it as impressive as I can in some form or another.

It’s going to be a challenging summer. I’m going to have to unwind however I can. And you all get to be along for the ride.