SMYN Network: The Future

“Welcome to Show Me Your News, your weekly weekend podcasting source recapping the latest news in anticipation of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.”

“Welcome to Show Me Your News, the pinnacle for delivering and debating the gaming news that matters the most to you! Rumor-filled gossip, hardware blunders, or upcoming releases – if it relates to video games, we want to talk about it!”

“Welcome to the experience that delivers the latest news and gossip that matters the most to you! It’s the Show Me Your News Network.”

Show Me Your News has always been an evolving entity, from the rough-and-tumble days of Youko and the Rundown to the debating opinions between SamuraiPanda and… just about anyone. We’ve had our down times, our ruts, and our shining moments of glory. We have broadcasted to thousands of fans and have even become an integral part in the lives of tens. As we stand today, SMYN has informed, inspired, and above all, continued in the face of our varying ups and downs.

You’ve heard our voices, seen our faces, laughed at our bad ideas and stood with us as we’ve shared our hopes and dreams, on air, with all of you. We may have produced a mere podcast here at Show Me Your News, but you all have given us so much more. A community. A NETWORK.

And so, Show Me Your News evolves once more, not to video podcasting (no, I think we’ve learned our lesson on that one), but as so much more than just one single entity. We’ve teased it before, we’ve left you clues, but now it’s time to publicly introduce our concept for the Show Me Your News Network.

So the SMYNjas cry out – “what does it mean, the SMYN Network?” It means that we are going to be providing more content, more hours of entertainment, and more fun than ever before. We are redefining the SMYN brand as not just a single podcast, but an ensemble of shows that makes for a more engaging community as a whole. We want the SMYN Network to be a website and an experience you can check to see if your favorite show has updated, to discover new content, to interact with fans and friends in expanded forums, and much more. However, let’s be clear here – by “we,” we mean more than just Youko, Buzz, Super, and TonyTH. Aside from the SMYN podcast you know and love (keeping the classic logo) and the already-confirmed Wut R U Playn? sister show (official logo for that show HERE), we are bringing on four more content partners for the foundation of the SMYN Network. As we have teased, six shows will become one. Naturally, there is room for growth in the future if producers can prove themselves to be reliable! However, it is important to maintain that every show has its own, specific niche that is not duplicated from any other in the network. With the two podcasts already established, let’s meet the other four shows!

It only makes sense to bring WTF, Pokémon!?! into the fold of the SMYN Network. Certainly, the Orange Island season is coming to a close soon, but Youko and SwordHunter plan to continue the show in some fashion until this year’s Youmacon in early November. Let’s not forget all the movies and specials, either! At the very least, every episode will be archived on the SMYN Network, giving WTFP its own, dedicated, SMYN-based web space.

But you probably guessed that about WTFP already, didn’t you? Well, joining our ranks here on the Show Me Your News Network are familiar faces you’ve all come to love for their quirks and their dogged perseverance. We’re welcoming Read the Manual, and yes, its hosts thedobaga and GymLeaderBen into the network. We have been very impressed with their continued broadcasting, and more so the fact that no matter what, they always find a way to keep talking. While Show Me your News handles the gaming news that matters the most to you, Read the Manual has continued to talk anime, movies, music and all sorts of peripheral demographics that SMYN doesn’t cover. All in all, bringing the RtM cast on board is the right decision for all parties involved and we hope you agree.

But the brand new fun doesn’t stop at just one. CyberLink420, well known as a frequent SMYN guest and co-creator of Sonic F and Camaraderie is Supernatural, will be joining the media team here on the Show Me Your News Network with his new series, N64Ever! Reflecting on the best, worst, and everything in between the oddly shaped console had to offer, the new video series is sure to be smart, clever, and hey, maybe even funny. Please watch the pilot episode here, provide some feedback, and keep in mind that this is a work in progress.

Finally, all of the aforementioned hosts will be chipping in to create another all-new series for community: SMYN Top Ten. Many of us are suckers for the form of the video countdown and we are putting our own spin on it. Gaming, animation, film, music – all of it and more will be featured as we count down the best and worst of every category under the sun. But that’s not all! While our media partners may get some preference for producing these kinds of episodes, YOU are able to contribute as well! That’s right, we will take submissions for your top ten creations and post it on our channel if it clears our quality and legal standards! With your help, we will create a library of countdown videos that all SMYNjas can be proud of! Youko has also created a pilot episode for you to enjoy, so check that out below!

Now, we are claiming this to be a public reveal because, to be honest, it is going to take a fair bit of time and work to get everything in place on the technical side. Here is a list of some of the biggest changes we hope to implement by *knock on wood* the time of our fifth anniversary in July.

– Website hub with branching links and show pages (think akin to
– Social networks and Livestream channels for the content partners, with embeddable trigger banners, to be displayed on the main page if a channel is live
– Expanded forums, keeping what we have already in place, but adding more sections for the different content partners (forum theme options if we have them ready by then, as well)
– Expanding the new (but still currently bare) merchandise store to include all content partners
– Donate button for our show and server costs
– And MORE?!

The point of a public reveal is to not only make our plans known, but also to get feedback from you, our loyal followers. Have we overlooked anything? What would you like to see? Does anything seem unacceptable? Most importantly, do you have any QUESTIONS? We will attempt to alleviate any and all concerns. And please thank Phil for all his hard work, making the new look for show logos so great!

SMYNjas across the world, your years of fandom have now come to fruition. Welcome to the age of the SMYN Network!