SMYN Network at Youmacon 2013

Whether or not you are attending, as a member of this community, it will be upon you before you know it.

Youmacon is an anime/gaming convention in Detroit, Michigan that means a great deal to this community. Every year since 2009, SMYNjas have used it as a place to meet up and have fun together. That number has steadily increased every year and for its 2013 iteration, we’re looking at the attendance of more than 20 people with connection to the Show Me Your News Network.

So what does this mean for you? Well, let’s start with…


Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt you from packing? Planning your schedule at the con? Shaking in excitement at your computer screen? Because look at that, you’re attending Youmacon 2013! Lucky you!

Youmacon has plenty to offer attendees, from panels, to shopping, to concerts, and much more! I highly encourage you to attend whatever interests you, so that you can get the fullest experience possible. In fact, it’s a good idea to tag along with someone who has been to the convention before, so you can get a sense of the lay of the land. The Renaissance Center (where most of the hotel rooms happen to be) is a complicated place as it is, but then when you take into account the 5-10 minute walk to Cobo Hall for the bigger events? Yeah, you want to make sure you know where you’re going. The buddy system is encouraged at an event like this.

The most important thing though, which is becoming more apparent as the number of SMYNja attendees grows, is that the experiences you have with people will outweigh the experiences you have at events. By all means, attend those panels and events (some of which I’ll detail soon)! But the convention will be over before you know it and you are going to wish you had more time to spend with the attending members of our community! Make contact with them. Hang out. Make some memories together. I think everyone that has attended previous years of Youmacon can attest to this.

For other frequently asked questions and good tips about Youmacon attendance, you can visit Youmacon’s front page, as well as this great Facebook post.

What about those must-see panels? Well, it all starts off with…

WTF, Pokémon!?! – An Anime Critique
HOSTS: Youko, SwordHunter
DESCRIPTION: Youko and SwordHunter humorously analyze the flaws in the 4Kids dub of Pokémon in their online video series “WTF, Pokémon!?!” (WTFP). The hosts themselves will discuss these errors, take Q&A, and premiere WTFP: Pokémon Heroes! See more at!

Trivia with prizes. A new WTFP movie premiere. Singing. Q/A. A special video that has been a secret ever since WTFP 4Ever’s production. What more could you want?

Then, stay in the same room for…

SMYN: The Year in Video Games
HOSTS: Youko, Super, TonyTH
DESCRIPTION: “Show Me Your News!” is a podcast that discusses the latest in video game news! Youko, Super, and Tony will recap all that happened in 2013. From the coolest titles to the biggest blunders, come embrace your inner nerd and celebrate the year in gaming!

Discussion of the biggest gaming news headlines. Another interactive game montage video. Game of the Year discussion. A new Top Ten video. Q/A. More singing. We’re packed to the brim on this one!

Also, you’ll probably want to check out this panel as well…

The Best Idea Since Underwear: A Sonic Paradox Panel
HOSTS: Cyberlink420, GameBuddy, PsyGuy, more
DESCRIPTION: The biggest name in Sonic fan animation is finally all together under one roof! Over 20 members of the Sonic Paradox team, known for their work on the Sonic Shorts series, Sonic F, and more for over five years, will be coming together for an unprecedented show the likes of which you’ve never seen. We’ll be there to answer any questions you’ve ever wondered about the group’s past work, plus we’ll be there to premiere tons of new content, including exclusive first looks at our newest Flash-animated collab, plus the season final of Sonic F! So come via car, Eggmobile, or bouncing raccoon cannon, because this is one panel you don’t want to miss!

I think that about says it all! It’s good to see our friends from the SMYN community represent the other work they do, so you should support them! Plus, who knows what other surprises will happen…

With other SMYNja events like photos on Saturday afternoon and our yearly party/hangout on Saturday evening, you don’t want to miss a thing! Please feel free to come up to talk to us during the convention, we’re all family!

Now, as far as…


That is unfortunate! We hope you are able to come to future SMYNja events. But don’t worry, we’re going to try to fill you in on this year’s experience as much as possible!

Videos! Videos of our panels, of the random convention happenings, of SMYNja gatherings, and more! We’ll do our best to document what happens this weekend, so that you are able to get the best fraction of the experience possible from your computer.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to this Youmacon the most out of any so far. Between the panels and the people, it’s going to a special year and I hope you agree.

The fun begins tomorrow, so please wish everyone safe travels and good times!