Smash 4 and E3 Coverage

Phew! It has been quite an E3, hasn’t it?

A lot happened in the gaming industry this week. Most notably for Nintendo fans, “Smash 4” was finally confirmed as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. That means a lot to us, considering Super Smash Bros. Brawl served as the foundation for this show back in the days of The DOJO!!

Did you get the chance to see how Super, Tony, and I reacted to the trailer reveal during Nintendo Direct?

Some of you may be wondering about if and how Show Me Your News will be taking charge and leading the discussion on Super Smash Bros. anticipation. It’s actually very simple…and not so much at the same time.

YES – SMYN will be covering Smash once again!

HOWEVER – Doing so, while managing our other network shows and our personal lives, keeping the integrity of what SMYN has become since the Brawl days, and appealing to the Smash fans that mean the world to us is a very difficult task. We still have yet to determine the best course of action for deciding what our Smash coverage will entail, but we do know that we want to be the name that everybody looks to for that discussion, just like before. If you’d like to contribute your feedback on what Smash coverage you’d like to see from us, while maintaining this delicate balance, we welcome you to leave us a comment about it.

On another note, with E3 at its conclusion, it’s time to announce the winner of our YES/NO Contest! The person with the most answers correct out of 50 gets to be on the post-E3 episode (Ep. 137) of Show Me Your News with us!

With 39/50 correct, that person would be…YOUKO! I know, I know, the hosts don’t technically count for the contest. But you gotta admit, that’s not too shabby on my part.

With 37/50 correct, our actual guest on SMYN 137 will be…JOE BUSH (aka Detlef Schrempf)! Congratulations! Recognition is also in order for SolidSnake120, MegaMarth96, and Peofun1 (who answered all NO), who tied for second place with 34/50 correct. Full statistics can be found by viewing our hopefully-accurate Excel document. These decisions are final, as exceptions will only be made for significant errors in data input.

Because we were only to determine the winner now, combined with the fact that this weekend is awfully busy for all of us (Father’s Day, work, camp, and more), we have to push back our full E3 podcast coverage to next weekend. I know, this unfortunately doesn’t make the full look back seem as timely, but this should allow all of us to participate, in addition to waiting for more of the E3 dust to settle.

However, never fear! I will be working on a TOP TEN (remember those things?) to be released this weekend. The topic? Top 10 E3 Takeaways. It should be a good one, with a smattering of the most readily apparent observations I had from this week’s events.

Please stay tuned for that and look forward to our full E3 coverage, coming soon!

What was your favorite news to come from E3?