Nintendo’s VGX Surprise: Zelda Wii U?

Did you know that VGX (formerly known as the Spike VGAs) is this Saturday at 6 PM ET? I know, I’m ready for you to say “I don’t care.”

But maybe you should pay attention this year.

Supposedly, this year is a “retooling” of what the VGAs were. If all early indications are correct, VGX is not only going to be an award show, but it will also be a place for game companies to make brand new announcements to the viewing public.

That’s right. VGX is trying to become a place where news breaks, just like a press conference at E3.

VGX seems to be the brainchild of Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers/SpikeTV fame. So far, he has confirmed the existence of several games at the show. Titanfall, Quantum Break, South Park, The Witcher 3, The Division, and more are all going to be there in some form.

But so will one man and his presence is surprising and pleasing Nintendo fans everywhere.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President & COO of Nintendo of America, will be on stage at VGX.

While nobody but Reggie and Nintendo seems to know what is being planned, it will apparently be on a world-premiere level. So, it’s time to start predicting!

I’ll start your imaginations with my thought of what Reggie will show at VGX, but it’s a bit of a doozy…

I think we will see the world premiere announcement for the upcoming Legend of Zelda game on Wii U.

Crazy? No way, right? Let’s see why this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.


We are more than a year into the Wii U’s life cycle and it is in trouble. The system is simply not selling well at all, which perpetuates the nasty catch-22 regarding hardware install base and third-party game support. During and after all of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch hype, the Wii U’s mind-share in the game industry is remarkably small. What would help reinvigorate attention towards the system? A brand new, key first-party franchise announcement, of course! Not to mention, what better place to make the announcement than to a large-scale, world-wide audience that you are trying to reach with your “more hardcore, game-focused” system? Granted, the announcement of the next Zelda Wii U game here wouldn’t help solve the problem entirely, but it would certainly be a needed step in the right direction on a console perception front.


Miyamoto or Iwata aside, Reggie is the most recognizable name/face at Nintendo. In fact, for the GameTrailers/Spike demographic, Reggie IS Nintendo. On the GTTV show, Reggie is consistently Geoff Keighley’s guest when it comes to Nintendo-centric topics. However, Nintendo never made any significant reveals in past years of the Spike VGAs. So what makes this year so special? Perhaps it’s the enormity of the announcement. Why else would Reggie show up in-person, when he could just as easily send in a pre-recorded message? Would it really make sense for him to make such an appearance for the company’s first time at SpikeTV’s big event, just to show another trailer for an already-known game? Stranger things have happened, but the fact that we are surprised at Reggie being on stage should logically speak to the significance of this pending announcement.


Those who say that Zelda games MUST be revealed at E3 are simply running on an outdated way of thinking. By that logic, there should have been no reason for Nintendo to skip out on their E3 2013 press conference. Yet, that’s exactly what they did, and with the popularity of Nintendo Directs, the company has shifted how they reveal games and how they build hype for them. With the growth of the VGAs to what it is today as VGX, what if Nintendo sees this as an opportunity to reach an important section of the gaming population, in a way where Nintendo gets to craft the message however they wish? If VGX is becoming akin to a so-called “secondary E3” in terms of game reveals, then why would Nintendo have to wait for the main expo in June, especially if that event might be driven by Nintendo Directs again? Plus, this way, Nintendo could reveal Zelda Wii U’s existence at VGX with a tease and then follow it up with more information during a Nintendo Direct in the middle of the month. The possibilities are out there and it doesn’t just revolve around E3 anymore for Nintendo.


According to this article from GoNintendo, Eiji Aonuma – producer for The Legend of Zelda series – planned to announce the Zelda Wii U game at events within the past few months, specifically, at the panel he hosted during New York Comic-Con. However, he claims to have run out of time and that he is hard at work on future announcements. While he does plan on revealing more Zelda goodness at E3 2014, the likelihood exists for an initial, teaser reveal for the game at VGX.


Here’s an interesting Instagram video that Geoff Keighley posted to his Twitter account. Without context. Without comment. Linking to Nintendo’s Instagram. Sure, it may not mean much and it could be misdirection, but it does pique some curiosity as it to why it was posted in this manner, while Geoff has been promoting VGX.

So what do you think? Any ideas for what Nintendo will reveal? The most important thing is to not get your hopes up for anything, despite how persuasive the Zelda argument may/may not be. Well, that and that if it is Zelda, don’t expect it to look anything like this. In the end, it’s all speculation…for now.

Though, let’s be honest, Reggie could just reveal a new character for Smash Bros. and we’ll be pretty happy with that.

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