Mutant Mole Mayhem!

Yeah guys, this is Tony’s game! We have lots of stuff for you guys to check out!

You can download the full game HERE!! Just $1!

You can also buy the entire soundtrack for just a dollar HERE!! As well as forum avatars for you guys to play with!

We also have a webcomic we’re looking to update every week around Tuesday about the kids in the game before the mole craziness! Check it out HERE!!

We also have a site with links to everything, and RSS feed and social media so you can be kept up to date on every detail! And you could also show our forum some love, as it’s rather barren at the moment! Any help would be great! If you don’t have an Android, tell your friends! Read the comic, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, anything! I’d be greatful for ANY help you SMYNjas could give us! Thanks a ton in advance!

Golden Vault Games Website of Awesome!

(Originally posted by TonyTH)