Life Update

It’s December. And snow is on the ground. Amazing how time passes, right? Let me give you an update on some things, shall I?

Much like how Buzz and Sugar are completing a moving process, SwordHunter and I are starting one. Although ours isn’t nearly as epic. Swordy recently got an awesome paid internship gig for the winter at an alternative-energy company that’s right by Oakland University (where he still attends school). With me still working at Toys R Us (for the next few weeks, at least), we’re looking to move out of our parent’s place and get our own apartment. There’s one in Auburn Hills right at the corner of Oakland University with amazing rent that’s catching our eye and we’re hoping to complete the process at the start of the new year. Basically though, Swordy needs an on-his-own experience since he’s been commuting from our parents’ home for his entire college career so far and I need to move on and feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. There are definitely the start of some significant life changes on the horizon.

Work is going well, although it’s hard to say what the future holds since I’m still technically a seasonal employee. They’re giving me about 30-35 hours a week, which is amazing, but if I am kept on past Christmas, minimum wage just won’t cut it for pay. Finding a media internship is damn near impossible to find in Michigan too, so that’s complicating things in my life.

This has no place amongst all these updates, but I had to rant about it. And PLEASE don’t get involved in it, whatever you do. I have a cousin who’s in his late forties, married, and has two kids. I don’t know what his problem is with video games, but he has this trend of being passive-aggressive towards the topic when I post about it on my Facebook profile over the past six months. Kinda in a “what are you doing with your life, those are a waste of time” kind of way. Except he also plays Baking Life and Mafia Wars on the book of face as well.

Status (SMG2 release): The Rosalina replacement in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is probably the worst character in anything ever. Oh, you’ll see…you’ll see.
Reply: How’s the job search going?

Status (after USA World Cup win): After all that excitement, I feel like playing some Mario Strikers Charged. ‘Atta way, USA! Instant nerve-wracking classic, for sure.
Reply: How’s the job search going?

Photo of E3: Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory
At the Nintendo press conference at E3 2010 (Los Angeles) in June with Adrian Madriz, where we got to witness the Nintendo 3DS for the first time. Sure, there were 100 lovely ladies with the technology strapped to their waists, but seeing 3D visuals without glasses on a Nintendo handheld was mindblowing. Coming to North America this March, can’t wait!
Reply: Need to focus on those 100 lovely ladies. They’re in 3D all the time, dude!

He’s also contacted my mom, via Facebook chat of all things, seriously wondering why I haven’t replied to him. I don’t even give people the time of day who don’t understand proper internet etiquette. If he weren’t family, the Facebook friend link would have been broken long ago. At least he lives in Arizona…for now.

Go vote for the SMYN Game of the Year Awards! It’s gonna be fun to ultimately pull this project together as an episode!

Episode 76 details soon. That’s all for now. Just had to blog about some things and get some other things off my chest.