E3 2013 Call-In Show Details

Last year we gave this a try and worked rather well, but with practice comes perfection, so this year’s E3 call-in show will hopefully go smoother and sound better than ever before! Fire up Skype, because it’s time for Show Me Your News!

SMYN: Episode 136
TIME: 3:00 PM ET (Noon Pacific, 19:00 GMT)

This episode will be broadcasted LIVE at http://www.twitch.tv/showmeyournews – anybody will be able to listen to the whole thing there. We will try to keep things brief, even though this tends to be a rather long show.

To BE A GUEST on the call-in show, you will have to do the following:
– Have a Skype account, which is free and easy to do.
– Search for SMYNHost and add him as a contact at any time. This will be SwordHunter acting as a moderator and he will be able to add you to our call at his chosen, designated time.
– Instant message him at any time during the show, telling him that you wish to be a guest, the sooner the better. He will add you into a special Skype text chat with everyone that he will select guests from.
– Keep an eye on the Skype chat so you can respond quickly when he asks if you are ready to be on the show.
– Please MUTE YOUR LIVESTREAM of the show before you are on the air to prevent echoes.

ALSO, submissions for the YES/NO contest will be CUT OFF at 12 PM ET on Saturday. I will need the time to do some calculations and do stat prep. You can still submit your final application in this thread HERE.

We will try to get everyone who calls some airtime. Meaning, we will at least try to get you on for at least one question, as we will be discussing all 50 from the contest. The fewer people that call-in, the longer you get to stay on.

Like last year, you will have to go big, or…be hung up on quietly. Before your time on-air is over, we will ask for your BIG BOSS PREDICTION. This will be a statement that you think has a chance of happening at E3, but it’s got to be GUTSY (aka BIG BOSS) to get our audio seal of approval. It may sound confusing now, but you’ll get the hang of it. Just have a gutsy prediction (that isn’t an impossible one) ready!

Please feel free to ask any questions here, and let’s get the E3 hype train rolling!