E3 2013: Big Boss and Kiefer Predictions

With E3 2013’s conferences beginning tomorrow, I’m going to assume you’ve listened to Episode 136 of SMYN, where we had SMYNjas call in on Skype for our yearly pre-E3 special.

Wait, you haven’t listened to that yet? Well, go do so now!

Anyway, on that show, we had SMYNjas make predictions that were purposefully bold. We dub these as “Big Boss Predictions.” However, this year, we let these callers make an additional, even CRAZIER prediction. With the news that Kiefer Sutherland is supposedly the new voice of Big Boss, these wilder guesses were called “Kiefer Predictions.”

Now, as E3 is about to descend upon us all, here is a list of the Big Boss and Kiefer Predictions from our pre-E3 podcast (along with who make the prognostications), so that we can document them. Hopefully even one of them is correct. View them after the jump!


Kaloshade: EA reveals a third-person Mirror’s Edge 2 that is Kinect-exclusive
DQP: Valve introduces a new, next-gen game engine, along with a new IP to support it
MythosXIII: After keeping him away from games for so long, Capcom will put Mega Man in everything
SolidSnake120: The new Final Fantasy game is Versus XIII, rebranded as XV, for next-generation platforms
MajorMoses: The first-announced American release date for Smash 4 will be December 3rd, 2013. Because of this, there will be a demo at E3 and, by proxy, a demo at Best Buy.
Peofun1: Super Sega All-Stars: Battle Royale will be announced
VideoGameGuru64: Kingdom Hearts III will be multi-platform
Exo-Raikou: During the Pok[e]eacute[/e]mon X/Y developer roundtable, the first Wii U Pokémon game will be announced. It will be a full game, compatible with X/Y.
PsychoWingX9: Mario will visit different Nintendo worlds in Super Mario Universe for Wii U
Darkurai: Retro’s new game is a reboot of the Takamaru franchise
ZeroRanma: Since this is the Year of Luigi, Nintendo will announce Super Luigi Sunshine
DBSharpy: Custom Robo 3DS will be announced
TheDobaga: Nintendo will announce that Smash 4 will have a Cross-Buy promotion, in that if you buy the Wii U version of the game, you get the 3DS version for free
GymLeaderBen: A Pokémon Trading Card game will be announced for 3DS that uses the system’s latest features
Imabeast78: Monolith Soft’s new game X for Wii U will be a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and it will have a playable demo at E3
SwordHunter: Pokémon Snap 2 for Wii U will be announced
Master WGS: Microsoft will “win E3” by showing all of their new games and making people forget all of the bad press
TheBuzzSaw: The Wii U will get a price drop
Super: Mega Man X9 will be announced. It will be a side-scrolling game for PS4.
TonyTH: David Hayter is still voicing Big Boss after all, because Kojima is just trolling
Youko: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will have their specific release dates announced. They will both be released on the same day.


Kaloshade: Half-Life 3 announced as an Xbox One exclusive
Rachel: Kiefer Sutherland goes on stage at a conference in Snake cosplay
DQP: Metroid Prime will be ported to the 3DS
MythosXIII: Metroid Dread is still alive for 3DS and it will come out this year
SolidSnake120: Kiefer Sutherland is voicing Big Boss, but at Sony’s conference, David Hayter comes out on stage and says he’s voicing Solid Snake
MajorMoses: We will hear of a successful or unsuccessful attempt to steal the Smash 4 demo disc. There will be a 60% chance that this person is a member of Smashboards. Like what happened with Brawl, we will learn of an advanced technique from this demo and it will be removed from the final game.
Peofun1: An official, licensed Warrior Cats real-time strategy game will be announced
VideoGameGuru64: Nintendo will release a redesigned Wii U GamePad Lite
Exo-Raikou: During the Pokémon X/Y developer roundtable, a Fire Emblem X Pokémon Conquest crossover game will be announced
PsychoWingX9: Wart gets his own standalone game called Super Wart Universe
Darkurai: A game based off of the anime Girls und Panzer will be announced
ZeroRanma: The previously-leaked Mega Man X first-person shooter still exists
DBSharpy: There will be a very, very limited physical copy release for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
TheDobaga: A new Mario Tennis game will be announced for Wii U and it will feature guest characters from the Prince of Tennis anime franchise
GymLeaderBen: Sequels to Field of Magic and Rub Rabbits will be announced for 3DS
Imabeast78: Call of Duty: Ghosts will come with the “Xbone controller” on Xbox One, allowing you to play the game with your dog. Kinect will be able to scan your dog, along with how quickly it wags its tail.
SwordHunter: Microsoft will change the name of the Xbox One to try to have people forget the bad press it’s been receiving
TheBuzzSaw: The Ouya will outsell the Xbox One
Super: One of the voices in the newly-announced Mega Man X9 game will be Egoraptor
TonyTH: Final Fantasy VII HD will be announced
Youko: The Dojo will be referenced in some form during the Smash 4 trailer. Additionally, Non-Specific Action Figure will be a playable character.