E3 2012: Yes/No Contest

Hello, fans of Show Me Your News! As announced on Episode 110, we are holding a E3-themed contest that has a very simple premise!


– You will be asked 50 questions regarding what may or may not occur at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. These are questions that will be definitively answered “YES” or “NO” by the time the expo comes to a close.
– All you have to do is answer each question with “YES” or “NO,” as well as answer the tiebreaker question with a number.
– The hosts will reveal their answers on Episode 111 of SMYN, which we plan on (tentatively speaking) setting up as a live call-in show, a la talk radio.
– The fan with the highest percentage of answers correct, as determined by the hosts at the end of E3, will be asked to be a guest on the post-E3 episode of Show Me Your News.


– You must submit your answers IN THIS THREAD for them to be valid. While this may seem like a draw to make fans register at our amazing community, it is also a method to ensure fair play, as it may be seen if you have edited your post (and your answers). It is simply a way to make sure cheating does not occur. And it makes it much easier for Buzz and I to collect all the submissions and grade them after E3 ends.
– In order to be a guest on SMYN, you will need a working computer microphone and have no qualms (parental, etc.) with having a Skype chat with us. This does not mean you cannot enter the contest, but if you win and are not able to be a guest for either of these reasons, we will have to consider the fan with the next highest score.
– Submissions must be entered before we go live for Episode 111 of SMYN. This will occur likely around Saturday, May 26th. Therefore, the sooner you submit your answers, the better chance you have of the deadline not passing you by. However, once you submit your entry, those are the answers we will stick with for your official submissions. Any edits that you make will be disregarded, as we will be able to view what you first typed in. Therefore, before submitting here, feel free to DISCUSS THESE QUESTIONS WITH OTHER FANS in this thread HERE.

So with that, let’s reveal the questions involved and see who is blessed with an eye towards the future, after the jump!


Will Microsoft open their conference with Call of Duty: Black Ops II?
Will there be a reveal of a Skype app?
Will Internet Explorer be able to be browsed on Xbox 360 by using Kinect?
Will Kinect Adventures or Kinectimals get a sequel?
Will we finally see gameplay of Ryse, after being teased for two straight years?
Will Halo 4 be announced to have Kinect features?
Will a child demo a Kinect game during the conference?
Will Microsoft announce that Kinects are now bundled with all new Xbox 360s?
Will the Xbox 360 get a price drop, aside from its $99 subscription model?
Will we get a concept video of the “future of entertainment,” that is Project Durango, a.k.a. the next Xbox?


Will Sony claim that this year will be the biggest year for PlayStation Move yet?
Will one of the following franchises get a PlayStation Vita game: God of War, Fat Princess, or Gran Turismo?
Will a sequel of the following franchises be announced for PS3: Infamous, Killzone, or Jak?
Will Sony make a point to emphasize a collection of games that will feature PS3/Vita compatibility?
Will PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale get its own section of the conference?
Will we finally hear anything new about The Last Guardian?
Will Kevin Butler make an appearance at the conference?
Will the phrase “US Dollars” be said during the conference?
Will PlayStation Vita get a price cut announced?
Will we get a tease that is greater than a passing mention for PlayStation 4?


Will Nintendo reveal the 3DS Lite?
Will we learn specific release months or dates for BOTH Animal Crossing and Paper Mario 3DS?
Will we learn details of a Zelda game developed exclusively for 3DS?
Will the Wii U’s name be changed?
Will Wii U support more than one tablet?
Will Pikmin 3 be demoed on stage?
Will Nintendo discuss more details regarding the Nintendo Network during the press conference?
Will Nintendo reveal a new, first-party IP?
Will two of the following “concepts” from last year’s conference turn out to be real Wii U games: New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Shield Pose, Chase Mii, and Zelda HD Experience?
Will anything regarding Smash Bros 4 be mentioned during the press conference?


Will Hideo Kojima show the first game to use the FOX Engine?
Will we learn Grand Theft Auto V’s release date?
Will we learn Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s release date?
Will EA demo two of the following three games during their conference: Dead Space 3, the next Need for Speed, and Crysis 3?
Will Mr. Caffeine be the presenter for Ubisoft’s conference again?
Will one of the following third-party companies announce a game in development for Wii U: Valve, Rockstar, or Crytek?
Will one of the following third-party franchises feature a game on PlayStation Vita: Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, or Final Fantasy?
Will one of the following companies’ next projects be revealed during the show: Bungie, Quantic Dream, or Retro Studios?
Will Valve or Apple finally enter the console arena, via Steambox or another device?
Will there be an announcement from any third-party of a series reboot whose last game was in the 20th century?

IS THIS THE YEAR FOR (News Regarding…)

Half Life 2: Episode 3/HL3
Star Wars: Battlefront III
Kingdom Hearts III
Metal Gear Solid 5
Star Fox Wii U
Grand Theft Auto HD Collection
Final Fantasy VII HD
Persona 5
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Sonic Adventure 3


How many times will the word “Wii” be said during Nintendo’s press conference?

Good luck and happy predicting!