Chance for an All-Out Attack

Hey SMYNjas. It’s been a while. How goes things?

It’s not that I haven’t been ignoring the SMYN community or anything with my lack of blogging, but let’s just say I’ve been busy. Don’t you love the feeling of when you can’t wait to play a certain video game to make progress in it? I’m getting hooked on Persona 3: FES [b]BADLY[/b]. And that is not a good thing.

Let me explain. It’s a great game that I highly recommend to everyone with a PS2. I have a lot of things to say regarding the game that I’ll save for Episode 70 (more than last time’s “the tedious tutorial puts you off”). But if I had to sum up my addiction for the title, I think it would be this…not going to school for the first time in at least sixteen years is so bizarre. I wish I could explain the feeling to those of you who just started your school years. The problem with a game like Persona 3 is that it fulfills that inner, unconscious addiction of attending school, even if it’s in a virtual space. Also, I’m 40 hours into the title and maybe only 75% done with the story. When I’m still looking for a job, this is probably the worst thing for me to be doing with such a time-suck of a game. And yet it’s so enjoyable for someone who only enjoys Pokemon as a JRPG. Persona is so Japanese though. SO Japanese. That’s another topic for another time, though.

Both college and pro football seasons have officially started. I know, we’re a video gaming podcast, but that means a lot to some of us here, myself included. For those into that kind of thing, my fantasy football starting team with Smashboards Back Roomers (10-person league, picked fifth) consists of: Tom Brady, Stephen Jackson, Shonn Greene, Marion Barber, Greg Jennings, Michael Crabtree, Jason Witten, Packers D, and Ryan Longwell. Should be a decent year on that front, but nothing too special.

SwordHunter and I went over to SolidSnake120’s on Friday to start the Halo: Reach campaign, but I pretty much just ended up passing out on his couch. A few hours in though, it looks impressive. However, the campaign is relatively lackluster by comparison to other games, the graphics are great but not top-of-the-line, space battles are cool but pretty simple and limited, and there are a few framerate issues at times that I didn’t expect from Bungie. Let’s be real though, you buy Halo for the multiplayer, and that piles on in terms of what you’re able to do. More impressions to come on Episode 70, when SwordHunter’s pre-order arrives either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I’m working on a new video for SMYN that I haven’t made too secret, so I’ll just lay my idea on the line here. First, you need to watch this trailer.

So basically, I’ll be taking this trailer, rescripting it to advertise SMYN, redubbing it with with some notable SMYNjas (I’ll be contacting you soon with lines), and redoing the video using a lot of different video game trailers. It’ll be pro work as always from yours truly. Basically, it will be another commercial of sorts for SMYN, just with more badassadry and not as much in-your-face-ness. Hoping for that to be completed right around episode-time.

As for actual PODCAST NEWS, Buzz and I are working on a couple things. First, we’ll be announcing the next episode in the next couple days – expect something like this Saturday, sometime at or after 4 PM Eastern. Also, we’re still trying to expand the podcast, and with our server contract expiring in a little while, we’re mulling the idea of a donations/perks option to help cover costs. And while Zero2D and MG Comics look great as affiliates on the front page, we’d love to hear if you think projects that you do would work well in having your site affiliating with us.

Anything else? Oh right, I put up a few download links that all Pokemon enthusiasts need to check out on our Facebook page – big props to MasterWGS for finding the Best Of Anime OST…I’m getting chills listening to the music track they used for the Gary/Giovanni battle. So many stunning tracks in this collection.

And with that SMYNjas, I’m out.