6 Years of SMYN: All-Day Stream

It begins! For the third year in a row, we are streaming all day long in celebration our anniversary. Join us as SMYN is now six years old!

The stream happens ALL DAY HERE! Also, join us @showmeyournews with #6YearsofSMYN on Twitter!


9a-11a — Music Trivia with Youko’s iTunes
11a-12p — Pokémon Hour (HG/SS Battles through PBR, Pokemon Stadium minigames)
12p-3p — Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Project M online (wi-fi safe builds)
3p-4p — You Don’t Know Jack
4p-5p — NFL Blitz (2012)
5p-6p — Video Game Themed Sporcle
6p-7p — Nintendo Power Hour (Various NES, SNES, GB games)
7p-8p — Super Mario Bros. 3 (Youko’s first time, All-Stars version)
8p-9p — Sonic Adventure 2: Battle multiplayer
9p-10p — Rock Band 3
10p-11p — Mario Party (Either 3 or 5)