SMYN E3 2015 Yes/No Contest

Gamers! Fans of Show Me Your News! E3 2015 is less than a month away! It’s that time of year again, so we are holding an E3-themed contest that has a very simple premise!


– You will be presented with 50 questions regarding what may or may not occur before or at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. These are questions that will be definitively answered “YES” or “NO” by the time the expo comes to a close.
– All you have to do is answer each question with “YES” or “NO,” as well as answer the tiebreaker question with a number.
– The podcast hosts will reveal their answers on SMYN’s annual live call-in show, a la talk radio. This will likely take place on June 6th, with more details to follow soon.
– The fan with the highest percentage of answers correct, as determined by the hosts at the end of E3, will be asked to be a guest on the post-E3 episode of Show Me Your News.


– You must submit your answers VIA EMAIL to smynshow(AT)gmail(DOT)com for them to be valid. This is new this year! Please let us know in your submission who you are, or how you want to be referred to.
– In order to be a guest on SMYN, you will need a working computer microphone and have no qualms (parental, etc.) with having a Skype call with us. This does not mean you cannot enter the contest, but if you win and are not able to be a guest for either of these reasons, we will have to consider the fan with the next highest score.
– Submissions must be entered a few hours before we go live for our pre-E3 call-in episode of SMYN. This will occur likely around Saturday, June 6th. Therefore, the sooner you submit your answers, the better chance you have of the deadline not passing you by. However, once you submit your entry, those are the answers we will stick with for your official submissions. Any resubmissions that you make will be disregarded, as it would become complicated for maintaining our records. Therefore, before submitting via email, feel free to DISCUSS THESE QUESTIONS WITH OTHER FANS in this thread HERE.

So with that, let’s reveal the questions involved and see who is blessed with an eye towards the future, after the jump!


– Will Halo 5: Guardians open or close the show?
– Will a Halo: Reach remaster be revealed?
– Will Xbox One receive an updated model or price cut?
– Will Microsoft HoloLens be mentioned during the conference?
– Will we see a trailer for Gears of War 4?
– Will Scalebound receive a release window that is more specific than just 2015 or 2016?
– Will we see Minecraft in any capacity during the conference?
– Will the phrase “powered by Xbox Live” (or similar) be mentioned?
– Will Rare’s new game make use of one of their old franchises?
– Will Phil Spencer change his outfit during the course of the show?


– Will we learn the final name for Project Morpheus?
– Will No Man’s Sky, The Witness, or Adrift have Project Morpheus functionality announced?
– Will a new model of PlayStation Vita be announced?
– Will a collection of Uncharted games be announced for PlayStation 4?
– Will we see a gameplay demo for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End?
– Will Gran Turismo 7 be revealed?
– Will Guerrilla Games, Bend, or Media Molecule reveal their PS4 game?
– Will Level-5’s planned JRPG project partnership with Sony Japan be revealed to be a new IP?
– Will a sequel be announced during Sony’s conference, in which the last game in its series was released within the last five years?
– Will the phrase “U.S. dollars” be mentioned?


– Will a new Super Smash Bros. DLC character be revealed?
– Will the first Nintendo and DeNA mobile games be revealed?
– Will an Animal Crossing game for Wii U be revealed?
– Will another new game line of Amiibo figures (i.e. Smash Bros., Super Mario, Splatoon so far) be revealed?
– Will the next mainline series Pokémon game (not a spinoff) be revealed for 3DS?
– Will Retro Studios’ next game be revealed?
– Will the concepts presented last year in Project Giant Robot or Project Guardian appear in a full Wii U game?
– Will an HD remaster of a game be announced for Wii U?
– Will Virtual Console, the new Club Nintendo program, or NX be mentioned in the Nintendo Digital Event?
– Will the phrase “Up until now” be mentioned in the Nintendo Digital Event?


– Will an Elder Scrolls game (not Elder Scrolls Online) be discussed during Bethesda’s conference?
– Will Square-Enix reveal a release month for Final Fantasy XV in the U.S.?
– Will new video footage of Kingdom Hearts III be shown during the Square-Enix conference?
– Will a new Star Wars game (not Battlefront) be revealed?
– Will EA reveal Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered?
– Will Ubisoft reveal a Rayman, Splinter Cell, or Watch Dogs sequel?
– Will Rock Band 4 or Guitar Hero Live be featured with a trailer or demo during a press conference?
– Will a specific release date for the U.S. be revealed for Persona 5?
– Will a new game from Rockstar be revealed?
– Will a new game be revealed in a series where its last game was released over ten years ago?


– Fallout 4
– Banjo-Threeie
– The Last Guardian
– Metroid (Wii U or 3DS)
– Resident Evil 7
– Left 4 Dead 3
– Shenmue HD
– Crash Bandicoot
– Beyond Good and Evil 2
– Parappa the Rapper

TIEBREAKER: How many times will the word “MARIO” be mentioned during the Nintendo Digital Event?

Good luck and happy predicting!